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1. A4 SIZE of the big book “My friend has Asperger’s”
Includes a comprehensive guide on why, how and when to use this book in classrooms.

Price AUD$145 (includes GST)
a). $15 postage Australia wide


b). $45 postage internationally (outside of Australia)



2. Super Sensory Sunglasses. Pack of 30 cardboard sunglasses for the Five Senses activity.
REORDER ONLY. There is already a pack of sunglasses included in the book that you will receive. Sunglasses can only be used once due to health regulations. Reorder if you have used the sunglasses that were provided from the pack.

Price AUD$10 (includes GST)
a). $5 postage Australia wide

b). $10 postage internationally (outside of Australia)


Read this important information before ordering!
  • Families in Australia and many countries outside of Australia receive government assistance for therapies and resources to help children on the Autistic Spectrum. In Australia this funding is called the “Helping Children with Autism”, “HCWA” funding or it may be through NDIS plans. It is well worth discussing the purchase of our items with your child’s specialist to see if you can access this funding to cover the cost of the items. The specialist you work with needs to approve items you wish to purchase. If approval is given, funding usually occurs with you giving the invoice that accompanies the book/items (that you ordered and paid for), to your specialists and they will reimburse you for the cost. Or, the specialist’s office may prefer to purchase the item/s for you through their procedures where they can access your funding directly.
  • We understand that some schools in Australia are required to send an order form and cannot purchase directly from our site. Simply email us your school order form (enquiries@disclosingaspergers.com) and we will post the book along with an invoice for payment.
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